Quality Assurance Policy

Our clients are amongst the most sophisticated in the market; they know what they want and where to get it. In Al-Rafia we are aware of the challenge to work with such discerning clients and are committed to the principles and practices of quality assurance. Al-Rafia has developed systems, procedures and formats that meet or exceed our client specifications.

The quality of our services is ensured through:

  1. Code of professional conduct:The code of professional conduct is binding to all members of Al-Rafia, including alliances and subcontractors. This code embodies duties, obligations and norms which are expected from all members towards our clients.
  2. Full liability throughout the service chain.
  3. Compliance with international codes, standards, and best applicable practices.
  4. Quantifiable Deliverables and Key Performance Indicators.
  5. Advanced Quality Audits, trending reviews & proactive corrections
  6. Standard Procedures, Service Manuals, and Template format.
  7. Transparency.

With over 200 of our competent staff, we offer the highest quality of integrated services available in the marketplace. Each customer is treated as our “first” with attention to details. At Al-Rafia, we strive to provide knowledge, service, price, and delivery that you will come to rely on.