ALRAFIA Safety Loss Prevention Plan


The purpose of this plan is to outline the Safety Organization and arrangements to be in place to enable the execution of works, under this Contract, with due consideration of the Environment, Health, Safety and Welfare of all involved parties. This will be achieved by:

Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment

Preventing fatalities and lost time injuries both on and off the work sites.

Preventing damage to equipment, facilities and potential effects on progress.

Eliminating risk to the environment.

This plan is not a manual of rules and regulations. Safety policy requirements are clearly specified in Saudi Arab Government Laws and Client policies. This plan explains how specific policies are implemented by AL-RAFIA for Client Contracts. The Safety plan meets the requirements of the Contract between Client and AL-RAFIA.  All levels of AL-RAFIA are responsible to implement and enforce the provisions of this plan within their respective areas of accountability.  This includes all subcontracted works also.  Inspections and audits will be performed to ensure compliance and data recorded to assess potential problem areas and progress.


The Project Goals.

No fatalities

No lost time injuries

No fires.

No damage to any equipment or facilities

No environmental incidents

A safe and productive project, on time, safely


The overall project organization chart is as presented.  The safety and loss prevention function of the project organization is as follows.

3.1 PROJECT MANAGER (Contractor Representative)


Overall responsible for safety, health, environmental protection and loss prevention of this project.

Advises AMC management on the matters related to safety and loss prevention.

Responsible for the implementation of specific “Project Safety Programs”

Responsible for the delegation of implementation of “Safety practices” to Safety Engineer, Site Superintendent , Project Engineer and other engineers.

Reviews the implementation programs at regular intervals suggest AMC management for changes wherever required and ensure corrective action taken.

Responsible to report to Client regarding the safety programs its implementation, compliance and feedback.

Responsible to comply Client’s any special comments/instruction related to safety in true spirit.

Responsible for the safety of all aspects of project including sub-contractors, visitors and vendors representative.

Review all the project activities that are being carried out in safe manner and in compliance with Saudi Arab Govt. Law and Client regulations (or) instructions under this safety plan.

Responsible to give active support for the implementation of safety execution plan as one of his prime responsibilities.

Should be aware of any deviations from these requirements, he shall instigate immediate corrective actions.

Participate as required in inspections and meeting related to safety and loss prevention.



Responsible for the implementation of the Safety Execution Plan throughout construction and pre-commissioning activities up to and including hand-over to Client.



He will qualify and equip himself to become the authorized personnel certified to receive “work permits” from Client.

Maintain an effective line of communication on Safety matters with Client, AL-RAFIAsenior management, Safety Engineer and line management.

Organize the work activities such that potential risks are assessed and minimized to ensure there are no accidents leading to personal injury (or) damage to Client property, the environment or loss of project materials and equipment.

Review and evaluate methods of work, safety performance, accident and “near miss” reports to determine areas of improvement.

Provide guidance and training, in consultation and coordination with Safety Engineer for all levels of the workforce including supervisors.

Develop a proper and cooperative attitude towards the promotion of a safe working environment among the personnel under their control.

Actively participate in the execution of Emergency Plans.

Set a personal example in Safety, Health and Environment matters at all times.


The Safety Engineer is designated by the Project Manager to manage all aspects of the Safety, Health and Environmental activities related to the Project Scope of Work.


Co-ordinate the implementation of the Safety Execution plans.

Maintain an administrative system for the statistical recording of safety performance and monitoring activities related to the Safety Execution plan.

Maintain a close liaison with the Project Management Team and Client Loss Preventive Department.

Assess potential hazards associated with the completion of the work activities and recommend remedial measures.

Carry out regular safety inspections and audits of AL-RAFIA activities monitor the implementation of recommendations.

Communicate and promote Safety and Health through publications, training and appropriate Safety Meetings to ensure employee participation in safety matters.

Assess the requirements and ensure the provision and maintenance of safety, fire fighting and protective equipment.

Develop and hold training sessions for all levels of AL-RAFIA employees on safety matters with particular reference to Client regulations and instructions.

Act as Project Emergency Coordinator.

Conducts investigations and prepares detailed reports on personal injury, fires, property damage, M.V.A’s and near miss incidents.

Prepares and administers the Project Pollution Contingency and Waste Management Plans.

Maintains the Hazardous Substances Manual.

Acts as advisor to the Construction Groups on Client Safety, Health & Environmental requirements for any particular job activity.

Sets a personal example on Health, Safety and environmental matters.

To ensure that all the safety program to be implemented on the project are approved by Client.

To ensure that no short methods are adopted during the course of execution in violation of Client safety standards.

To ensure the adequacy of safety materials at site and used properly.

To ensure that right kind of work permit is obtained for the right job and any deviations/violations should be corrected.

Make frequent checks on the personnel safety harnesses, their quality and adequacy towards their requirement of the activity the employee is involved.