PROJECT NAME: Water Tanks Project in Safwa

Water Networks, Pumping Station, and Water Tanks in Safwa and Um Al-Sahek –


General Directorate of Water Eastern Province.

Project Description:

Implementation of all mechanical, civil, and electrical works for construction & procurement of pumping station, water tanks, and water pipelines network for Safwa & Um Al-Sahek and its neighbouring areas in Eastern Province.

Project value: 65,789,747.10

Project period: 24 months

Detailed Scope:

  • Generators Building:

This unit includes two Generators (1280 KW & 1000 KW) with 60 Hz and 220/380 Volt.

  • Pumping Station:

This unit includes three pure Water with capacity of 375 Litter/sec. for each.

And two Submersible Pumps with flow capacity = 10 Litter/sec.

  • Chlorine Building:

This unit includes:

Two automatic Chlorine Equipment’s with capacity of 125 kg/hour for Chlorine.

(30) Chlorine cylinders with capacity = 1000 kg.

Automatic measuring & control systems for pressure, loss indication, pressure release, and Chlorine pressure gauge

Main two pumps with flow of 50 m3/hr, and head of 25 m

Measuring & Record system for controlling the remaining Chlorine.

Detection system for leaking Chlorine in the building.

  • Storage Tanks:

Construct of two above ground storage tanks made from Steel and covered with steel cover, and with diameter = 40 m, and storage capacity = 25,000 m3 per each tank.

  • Water Pipeline Networks:

Water pipelines Network inside & outside plant from Ductile Iron with working pressure not less than 16 Bar according to ISO 2531, 4179, and 8179 with diameter range (300-1200) mm, and approximately total length of 10,000 m.